The Clowns - Official - Part 1
by Craig Pearson
You seeing this?
OMG. I think the carnival just lost power.
Everyone is freaking out.
Where are you?
Stuck on the Ferris wheel.
I can see everything.
People are pushing toward the exits.
Don’t follow them!
What? Why?
RUN. Run the other way.
I can’t.
The crowd is too strong.
It’s a trap. They’re blocking the exits.
Who is THEY?
The clowns.
If you’re messing with me…I swear I’ll kill you.
You have to believe me.
Oh god. I smell something burning.
Don’t breathe.
Or else it’s already too late.
I’m covering my mouth…
Where do I go?
Find a building! Somewhere closed off.
Can you see what’s happening?
The clowns are spraying something…
It’s some sort of gas.
They’re spraying people as they try to escape.
They’re spraying gas? What for?
I’m not sure, but…
The gas is…
It’s deforming people’s faces!
What do you mean?
I just saw this guy get gassed.
And his face…his skin is turning green.
And now it’s breaking out in boils.
And there’s a girl right under me, under the wheel…
Her lips are twisting down into this horrible frown.
It’s like they’re turning people into demented clowns!
Where are you?? Did you find a building?
I’m so freaked out right now.
Wait, I think I can see you!
RUN! Don’t stand there!
What is it?
There was a clown.
I see somewhere you can hide.
Turn to your right.
Run for it!!
I see it! The House of Mirrors.
Can you get inside?
It’s unlocked!
Thank God.
I’m in.
We’re not safe yet. I’m calling 9-1-1.
I’m sure they’re already on the way.
not exactly ☹
The operator said the road is blocked.
The police are trying to get through…
but the clowns are holding them off!!
And it’s getting worse out here every minute.
What do you see?
The clowns are holding their phones up.
It looks like they’re…
They’re taking selfies.
With the victims!!!
That is so messed up.
It’s happening to the girl with the frown.
Oh god I can hear them.
It’s so demented.
The clown is laughing at her.
He’s saying…
“The world has gone to shit.”
“All anybody wants anymore is the perfect photo.”
“Well here’s your perfect photo, bitch!”
Sounds a bit like he’s talking about you, huh? ;)
Lauren, this is serious.
The clowns are using toxic gas to make people hideous...
They’re chanting…
“Reveal thyself!”
“Reveal thyself!”
As if deforming her face will reveal her ‘real’ self.
Omg the clown is screaming at the poor girl now!
“Now your insides match your outside!”
Freaks are always starving for attention.
I bet they’ll post the photos on social media.
It’s horrible!
The only lights I can see in the whole carnival are those cell phones.
Everything else is pitch black.
Ari… can you still see the House of Mirrors?
Yeah, why?
I just heard something outside the door…
You think someone’s trying to get in?
The handle is turning!
Get out! Go through to the exit!
I’m trying!
Oh My God!!
I think I’ve been gassed!
My forehead is like a foot tall!
Is that my true self?
Am I nothing more than a nerd?
Lauren, none of these are people’s true selves.
Don’t let them get to you!
Oh wait...
I think that was just a warped mirror.
But whoever was at the door is inside. I can hear them!
Turn off your phone! They’ll follow the light!
But I can’t see without it!
Then follow it. Shine it ahead of you.
I’m almost out. I can see the exit sign.
I made it!
I think I see your phone screen!
I know where you can hide.
The petting zoo is just up ahead.
Hide with the animals! They’ll camouflage you.
Okay, I see it too. Heading there now.
But Ari…
I recognized the clown who was chasing me.
Who was it?
It was Drew.