Too Much
by Justine Julia Beed
I really had a great time last night. ;)
Me too Tuck. It was fun hanging out with you. I’m glad Talia set us up.
Ah Talia, Talia. The wonderful Talia and her even more wonderful friend Marcy, Marcy, Marcy.
Haha. Was that supposed to be some kind of song?
Yeah. It was :)
So when can I see you again? :) :)
two hours later
He’s a cartoon.
Uses too many emojiis.
You know I’m not into guys who use too many emojiis.
You probably meant to send that to someone else. Unless you really wanted to be that direct and rude.
Agh. Tuck - I’m sorry. Meant to send that to Talia. T, T – I don’t know. Eeep.
Yeah, well...
one hour later
Does the too many emojiis thing really bug you that much?
No, please lie.
Yes. You come off as over-eager and not a real person when you line up all the emojiis like that.
It’s too much. Uncool.
Real people aren’t ever over-eager? Also, I’m uncool?!
That question was sarcastic if you couldn’t catch that via the text.
Caught it. No need to over-explain.
Okay, so it’s my over-eagerness and over-thought out texts that have weirded you out.
What if I was just really, genuinely into the idea of seeing you again. What if emojiis were the only way for me to express that. What if...
Okay...Gawd - I get it. It’s just a bit intense.
I can be less intense. Marcy
I can be as subdued as you were at dinner last night.
I can sit across from you with a complacent smile on my face and pretend I’m listening to what you’re saying.
And then...when it’s my turn to talk I’ll go on and on about the new book I’m writing. How it’s about young love.
How, a-la-John Green, the book is fighting the manic pixie dream girl mold. How I’m the next Virginia Woolf.
I’m sorry I came off like that.
But, to be fair, I never said I would be the next Woolf.
Yeah, well, reading your published short stories online, I would say otherwise.
Yeah, you’re good.
This is kind of a weird thing to say over text.
What is?
I’m pretty terrible at relationships of any kind.
So we’re in a relationship already, are we? Look who’s the intense one now.
You know what I mean. Dating, relationships...
the whole spectacle of being with another person and feeling something for them.
Yes, intimacy. And it’s kind of comical really bc I’m doing this via my phone and not face to face.
Anyway, what I’m trying to say is sorry.
You already said that. It wasn’t that big of a deal anyway.
I just figured it was you’re way of saying you didn’t want to go on a second date.
But the thing is I do. Because I did have a great time with you.
You’re funny and smart and emotionally expressive...
That last one freaked me out so much because I’m not.
I mean, right off the bat you were telling me about how Boyhood made you cry. I cried too when I watched it
but never in a million years would I admit that to a practical stranger.
Let me be the one to
Lift your heart up and save your life
I don't think you even realize
Baby you'll be saving mine...
Haha. Is that One Direction?
Yes, yes it is. I find some of their songs to be quite poetic.
A man of eclectic tastes. Richard Linklater films on the one hand and One Direction on the other.
I’m gonna be honest, I’m a huge fan of One Direction. Best Song Ever is my jam.
Want to go to a One Direction concert with my lil sis and me?
Are you serious?
I bought the tickets for my kid sister’s birthday. Our mom doesn’t want to come so we have an extra ticket.
So what do you say? Second date spent listening to the harmonies of Harry, Niall, Liam, and Louis?
May Zayn forever be remembered in our hearts.
Yes, I’d love too. :) :) :)