Bedroomies - Episode 3
by Chris Marie Green
You home from your trip yet?
Unlocking the door now.
Crossing my fingers that Adam ditched his trip to Boston to give you a sexy surprise…
Now why would he do that if I never texted him back the other day?
She pokes her head inside the door.
The apartment is empty.
She breathes a sigh of relief.
I’m too busy to start something with him.
Busy my ass. You’re just scared.
I don’t need Adam knowing EVERYTHING about me. I had fun and now we’re done.
Jenna spots something gift-wrapped on the sofa.
Wait. He left a package with my name on it.
I hope it’s another "me item."
Jenna undoes the wrapping, then smiles.
It’s not. I’ve got to give it to him, though…
His sense of humor hasn’t changed in the five years since college.
It’s a pair of black panties.
Before you get excited, they’re jokey and nerdy LOL
They say, STAY ON TARGET with an arrow pointing to an image of the Death Star.
And the target is a portal in you know…my spot.
May The Force Be With You.
Hah! HIS Force.
Thanks for that.
It IS adorable that he’s making a sexy reference to one of my favorite fandoms.
If you’re not going to text him a thank you, I will.
Has it occurred to you that you really need to get laid?
Breaking news right there.
Huh, there’s a note too. Here’s what it says…
A gift for my roomie—and an apology in case I came on too strong. Are we okay?
You ARE being all skittish about talking to him.
What are you going to tell him?
Jenna is unable to control another smile.
You’re the only one who’ll ever know this, but damn.
He can keep coming onto me as strong as he wants.
OMG, you’re secretly loving this!!! I knew it!
Text him, dummy!
Ok. Just one more time.
Jenna opens the thread with Adam.
Just got home and found your gift. Thank you : )
Oh good. You don’t seem offended.
After I left your place, I almost turned back around to get those panties.
I thought they might be too forward to be a sincere apology.
No, these are super cute.
So…apology accepted?
Apology very accepted. And I’m sorry for not texting you back. I got busy with work.
BTW, I don’t know many women who would’ve been cool with that panty joke.
Jenna slumps down on the couch, biting her lip.
To go for it or to play it safe…?
Well, you’re the only one who knows exactly how I make my Death Star explode…
She shuts her eyes then opens them in time to see a text pop up.
You’re gonna need to pay for the martini I just knocked over on the bar.
Jenna’s pulse begins to pound hard.
Is it happy hour so early in the day?
Just wrapped up the Meyer deal. Meeting the team here to celebrate.
God, I wish I could hear you crying that out that under different circumstances, Rosy.
She grips the panties in her hand.
I told you I’m not the blushing type.
Maybe you just like to think of me that way…
But I’ve never really been like that.
I told YOU I already knew there’s something deep inside you that’s dying to come out.
The other day proved my point.
Heat gathers in her throat. If he only knew all about the REAL Jenna.
Well, I guess you can see right through me.
Always have.
In college, I’d walk into the library and know within five seconds what kind of mood you were in.
If you were happy about getting a good grade.
Or angry with your roommate.
Or sad because of something you didn’t want to talk about.
Hey! We were there to study, not to waste time on ME.
You had to suspect that I was there for more than that.
Jenna holds her breath.
You were a really good friend.
You too. Always will be.
When I tutored you, I got to be with someone who always treated me like a person.
😌 I’m glad we never lost contact.
Thank God for Instagram.
LOL I’m sure all my pictures of Comic-Con were ENTHRALLING to you.
Actually, your cosplay seriously rocked my world.
Remember what I said about those anime fantasies I used to have?
Just so you know…
None of those girls in my own posts ever had a starring role with me.
And none of them EVER received a pair of panties like the ones you’re holding.
Jenna clutches the underwear in her hand.
ARE you holding them?
I sense that this conversation is about to take a sharp turn into the dark side.
She presses the panties against her belly, delighting in the little muscles jumping there.
Shit, I wish. Coworkers just walked into the bar.
But I’ll be back in town tomorrow night…
A shock lights through her, leaving her charged up.
I’m on an early flight out of town tomorrow.
Of course. Different schedules. Roomies passing in the night.
We aren’t going to see each before you move out anyway, remember?
Right, Adam?
Gotta go, Rosy. Enjoy staying on target tonight.
Jenna opens her closet, digging deep inside it to find an item that will satisfy an ache inside her.
She unlocks a box of mementos and pulls out something she’s kept all these years.
A Stormtrooper eraser.
She puts down the phone, looking at the eraser, then at the Star Wars panties.
Adam remembered their inside joke about Star Wars from years ago.
She sighs and holds both objects to her as the ache only gets worse…