The Devil Texts At Midnight - Part 5
by Eric Levin
Honey, I’m home!
So what, you want a cookie?
Guess what? Sue’s soul is mine!
The college girl?
I don’t believe it
You’d best start
She’s being assigned her torment now
How is this possible?
I made one hell of an argument
Tell me
It’s a long story
I’m dead, I’ve nowhere to be
I was incredible
Quick with my wit
Sharp with my persuasion
But Sue was trained in Occult Prevention
And maybe martial arts
Martial arts?
It was a hobby
So you had your work cut out for you
But I never quit!
I possessed her Professor
And she signed the contract thinking it was an attendance sheet
I like that
I’m proud of it myself
But it means nothing without you in my death
Move back in with me
Do it for us
I don’t care about us
Then do it for Junior
He does miss you so…
Will you?
Let me think about it
Then there’s a chance?
We’ll see
Where are you now?
Assignment Center
Looking for Sue
You don’t believe me?
I never said that
You built her up, I wanna see her
She looks small
But fights like a warrior
And she’s very fast
She looks like an ordinary college girl
Even her phone is sickeningly coy
Are these stickers?
No, I don’t think that’s hers
I’m heading over
Let’s read the Devil and Sue’s infamous texts
No don’t read those!
Her words are hypnotic!
You have explaining to do.
I brought her soul…
She goes on a limb for you and you backstab her?
I didn’t backstab her…
“A text does not a deal make”
What the f Devil!
You said be tough…
Breaking promises to 18 year-old girls isn’t tough
You look like a fool
Then…you want me to send her back?
And make it up to her
Good grades, friends, money, candy…
You’re the Devil
Think of something
Yes, dear