Double - Episode 1
by Elyse Endick
I had fun tonight 😘
What are you talking about?
Our date 😝
I’m so glad you finally met the ladies from my séance group
What? I’ve been home all night.
Haha funny ;)
I’m serious
James, I literally just saw you
We kissed
What was I wearing?
Idk, a red hoodie…
What’s going on??
Don’t freak out, okay?
I need you to sneak out your back door, and meet me in the woods
I’ll be there in 5 mins
Don’t talk to anyone.
I’ll be wearing a BLUE hat
If I’m not - DO NOT talk to me
I don’t understand
I’ll explain later
This isn’t funny, James
I can see you standing there in my driveway!
That isn’t me
James, stop messing with me
It looks exactly like you
It’s NOT me
Get out of the house, NOW
I’m not just going to do what you say
Not until you tell me what’s up
You have 3 seconds to tell me what’s going on
Or I’m staying here tonight and turning off my phone
I can’t believe you -- you need to GO.
It’s for your own safety
FINE! If I tell you will you go?
You won’t like it
Try me
Okay. You know how my mom left?
There’s more to that story
You’ve been lying to me this whole time??
You said you’d hear me out
My mom DID leave
You’re gonna hate me
I love you. I won’t.
Plus, this guy outside is really starting to freak me out
So tell me quickly so I can go
This is who's in your driveway:
When my mom left, she took my brother with her.
A brother??
I thought you were an only child before your dad married your stepmom??
Not really…my brother’s name is Trevor
And we’re twins
My parents couldn’t agree, so mom took Trev and dad took me
Are you there?
I’m freaking out -- did something happen to you?
I’m here.
But ugh, James, how do you expect me to react??
You’ve had an identical twin brother this whole time and never told me??
You know I hate liars
I know
I’m sorry I kept it from you, but it was too hard for me to talk about
I’ve told you about tons of hard shit
I thought we had this stuff in common
I even convinced myself that the crap I went through was worth it because it brought us together
Dammit, I told you everything. You know me…inside and out.
I know -- I never meant to hurt you
Look, my mom has a drinking problem
That’s why my parents divorced
I’ve had a tough time dealing with it
You know my dad has problems, too…
I know
But it’s different for my family
I got to live a normal life with dad, but life sucked for Trev
And I couldn’t do anything to change it. I felt hopeless.
I understand that feeling
You could have told me
I know. I’m sorry.
I hadn’t even talked to Trev until a few weeks ago
He started sending me texts
They were weird
Well, he must be a weirdo if he pretended to be you!
We used to do that when we were kids
We’d always switch places -- it was a prank we liked to play
This is different. He kissed me!!
Ugh, I kissed your brother! I feel so gross 🤢
Okay, I can’t think about that right now
Can you just text Trevor to make him stop??
He’s banging on my front door
It’s freaking me out…I feel like he’s gonna break it down with his fists
Ohmigosh! What if he gets inside the house??
Kate, relax
I’ve texted him, but he hasn’t answered me
And I’m on my way
Well, hurry!
He had something in his hand...
He's hiding it in his pocket...
I told you everything! It’s time to go!
I’m scared, James…
He just threw a rock through my front window
Stay calm
How can I stay calm when your weird twin is trying to kill me??!
He doesn’t want to kill you
It’s me he wants
What does that even mean??
He’s messing with you -- it’s his way of messing with me
So please
I want you to sneak out the sliding door to your patio
As soon as you’re out, RUN into the woods and wait there for me
There’s no way I’m going into the woods at night alone
Shit! I think he’s trying to climb through the broken window!!
You need to do what I say and run
I think I have an idea…
Don’t do anything stupid
I’m going to pretend you didn’t just assume I’d do something stupid
I just don’t want to lose you
I’ve lost enough people in my life
It’s fine
Anyway, I’m going to set off my dad’s car alarm
The noise will distract Trevor
Doesn’t your dad keep the keys all the way up in his room?
I can make it. I used to run track.
Kate, DON’T!
Too late, I did it…And it’s totally working!
He’s running into the street
James, are you close?? I’m headed out the back door
But I’m not going into those woods without you
I had to go back to my house to get something
What could you possibly need right now??
What’s more important than me??
Nothing is more important than you.
That’s why I need my dad’s gun.