Dzuma (Official) - Episode 2
by Preston Lang
There’s a really strange smell…
But I can’t tell what it is or where exactly it’s coming from…
Gina, try to stay calm.
No, this is definitely not right.
It’s coming from the backdoor!
Right near Ana’s room.
Keep her door closed. Don’t go outside.
What does it smell like??
A little rotten but also like chemicals.
It’s getting stronger.
Are you near the kitchen?
Go upstairs and get a towel wet.
Put it over your face.
Wait for me.
What is it?
I don’t know. I’ll be there in a few minutes.
I have to move her.
Don’t. Don’t touch her. Don’t go near her.
I can’t just let her get poisoned.
Listen to me. Stay out of her room.
Okay, I checked it out.
There’s something leaking in from outside the door.
It looks like a little canister. I can see it from the upstairs window.
A canister?
Leaking gas.
Back in a sec.
What’s happening?
Gina. Stay upstairs. Breathe through the towel.
What’s happening?
I brought Ana upstairs.
You can’t be near her.
I’m not.
Just stay put. I’m pulling off the highway now.
Three minutes — I’ll be there.
Okay, I just went outside and grabbed the canister.
I ran to the edge of the property and I threw it over the ridge.
I went back inside.
I don’t smell it as much now.
I didn’t see the people when I was outside.
But I feel like someone was watching me.
They say that’s real.
You know when you’re being watched.
The smell is fading.
What was it?
The smell, what was it?
Aunt Kate?
Where are you?
Tell me what’s going on?
Gina. Are you there?
Kate told us that Ana was sick.
We’re on our way back right now.
Are you there?
Yes. Is Aunt Kate with you?
No, I just spoke with her.
Did you send Disease Control agents here?
Kate contacted some people we know.
Why are they trying to kill me?
I’m sure they aren’t trying to kill you.
How can I be sure you’re really Mrs. Kelb?
Gina, please. I need you to be calm.
I need you to be mature.
I feel pretty mature.
But I also feel like some people out there are trying to kill us.
Doesn’t that concern you?
It’s not just me they’re trying to kill.
Gina, please stay calm.
Where are you right now?
I’m sitting up in the second floor bathroom.
With your daughter. Holding a towel over our faces.
No one was trying to poison you.
They probably introduced a chemical agent into the house that can help contain infection.
It’s the first step in the decontamination process.
It smelled horrible.
I know it does.
Like if we’d kept smelling it, it would have killed us.
Me and your daughter.
Feels like it could tear a hole in your lungs.
No, it’s safe to breathe.
And why won’t they talk to me?
Why didn’t they give me any warning about what they were doing?
Like maybe they could have warned me they were about to lob in some chemical…
That was going to smell like death, but was actually ok for us to be breathing...
They should try to set you more at ease. I’ll have my husband call them.
Can I speak to my aunt?
Right now I think she’s talking to some of our friends at Disease Control.
Setting up exactly how the quarantine is going to work.
How did the people on the lawn arrive so fast?
They work at the university. Very close by.
And how did you know they gassed us?
What do you mean?
I said they tried to kill me. I didn’t say they gassed me.
I assumed.
Did you tell them to gas me?
They just did it on their own?
It’s the logical first step.
I don’t believe you.
I don’t believe this is really Mrs. Kelb.
Please, Gina. Don’t get hysterical. We need you to think clearly.
I’m thinking clearly.
I think you’re one of the people out on the lawn.
I think you just tried to kill me.
No, dear. This is Mrs. Kelb.
What was Ana wearing when you left?
The pajamas with the penguins on it.
What does it say?
It says Party on the Ice Floe.
That’s right.
You are Mrs. Kelb.
So you’re the one outside.
Why are you trying to kill me…and your daughter?!
I’m not. Please just stay put. We’re going to help you.
Do you know the word Klamsa?
Just stay where you are.
It means liar. That’s what your daughter is telling me.
Every time you tell me something that doesn’t make sense.
She whispers to me: Klamsa.
That doesn’t mean anything.
If you don’t let me talk to my aunt, I’m getting out of here.
Your aunt is making calls now. Trying to save your life.
A child with a fever doesn’t know whether I’m lying to you over the phone.
You need to tell me the truth.
Please try to be reasonable.
I understand that you must be feeling overwhelmed right now.
Tell me the truth right now.
I’ve told you only the truth.
No, You’re lying.
If you don’t start telling the truth, I’m taking this child and I’m running…
As far away as I can get.
I’ll tell you the truth.
You are going to die tonight.