Makeup Madison - Episode 1
by Chase Caldwell
What’s up, guys!?
Welcome back to my channel!
Madison waves at the camera on her laptop.
She’s sitting in her stylish bedroom.
There’s plush white fur everywhere.
As always, we’re going to be talking about makeup today.
But remember…
A good foundation is only as strong as the beautiful person underneath it.
Madison beams.
It’s Makeover Monday…
And you know what that means.
Madison holds up a handful of lotions, brushes, and color palettes.
New products!
Madison shakes with excitement.
She quickly eyes her computer screen.
Hundreds of thousands of people are watching her live broadcast.
I’ve got a lot to show you.
But first, I want to thank this week’s sponsor…
Suddenly, Madison’s screen goes black.
Her bubbly persona quickly fades.
Uhh, one sec.
She reaches for the keyboard.
But before she gets to it, something pops up on the screen:
“I know what you did with the money.”
Madison cocks her head to the side and tries to make sense of the message.
She taps the spacebar and her screen goes back to normal.
She’s still live…
With thousands of more viewers joining every second.
Madison shakes it off and smiles for her audience.
Sorry about that, guys!
As I was saying…
I’d like to thank this week’s sponsor, Dewy Glow.
If you want your skin to glow like mine, be sure to check out—
Madison’s screen goes black again.
Then another message pops up:
“I know who you really are.”
Madison gets lost in the words for a moment.
Then she remembers her audience.
Looks like I’ve got some kind of glitch today.
Madison taps the keys on her keyboard, but nothing happens.
That is, until another message pops up:
“This isn’t a glitch, Madison.”
“It’s retribution.”
Goosebumps rise across Madison’s flawless skin.
Then her screen splits in two as a new window pops up.
It’s the homepage for Liberty Eastern Bank.
Madison watches as the username is filled in.
It’s *her* username:
Hey, wait…
The password fills itself in just as quickly.
And with one click, all of Madison’s banking info pops up.
It’s clear that her YouTube career pays big.
There’s well over ten million dollars in her account.
What’s going on?
That’s my…
On the black side of the screen, another message pops up:
“Your fans are still watching, Madison.”
“Don’t let them down…”
Madison’s jaw drops.
She looks to the camera on her laptop…
And remembers how many eyes are on her.
Then, without warning, $10,000 is transferred out of Madison’s account.
Another message comes in:
“Talk to them, Madison. Or I’ll just have to take more.”
Another $10,000 disappears.
Panic fills Madison’s eyes.
I know I probably look crazy to all of you right now.
But I think I need help.
$50,000 is transferred out of Madison’s account.
Oh my god.
Another message comes through:
“Don’t you say a word about me.”
Madison swallows hard as more messages arrive:
“On with the video, Madison.”
“You wouldn’t want to disappoint your sponsors.”
Madison looks at the camera and forces a smile.
Ummm…let’s get back on track.
Madison’s eyes dart around the room.
We’re going to start with a…
She holds up a bottle, but the stress is too much.
For the life of her, she can’t remember what it is.
More funds disappear from her account.
I’m so sorry.
The transfers speed up—
One after another.
This is…
Suddenly, Madison eyes the power button on her laptop.
She smashes the button and her computer goes dead.
Madison races to her plush white bed and grabs her phone.
She opens her banking app.
Funds are still flying out of her account.
Each transfer is for a different amount.
She hits the “help” button…
And waits frantically for someone to answer her call.
Liberty Eastern Bank, how may I help you?
Oh my god.
Thank you so much!
Some psycho hacked into my account.
They’re stealing my money as we speak.
Okay ma’am.
We’re going to take care of this for you.
I just need to verify your identity.
I’m Madison LeRae.
157 Del Prado Court in Los Angeles.
And my security code is…
Madison runs to a beautiful mirror-covered nightstand.
She pulls it open…
And fumbles through a stack of papers until she finds the right one.
Thank you.
Your account has been verified.
Madison looks at the app.
Money is still flying out of her account.
It’s still happening.
So like, what do we do now?
I want my money!
There’s silence on the other end of the phone.
It lingers for an unbearable amount of time.
Then, finally…
Well, unfortunately…
You haven’t learned your lesson yet.
Madison tenses up.
The voice on the other end of the line starts laughing.
What’s going?
Why are you laughing at me?
Eventually, the laughter settles.
You think I can hack your computer and not your phone?
Madison goes white.
Who are you!?
Why are you doing this to me?
I’m calling the cops and you’re going to jail!
You can’t just take people’s money!
The unknown voice lets out a long sigh.
Madison, do you remember the fundraiser you did last year?
I do a ton of fundraisers.
Which one are you talking about?
Brookside Memorial Hospital.
You raised two million dollars with one video.
That’s absolutely incredible.
Your fans love you.
And they support your causes.
Or at least, they think they do…
Madison’s mouth dries up.
Two million dollars.
All to help families pay for operations they couldn’t afford.
That’s life-saving money.
But you never sent it, did you?
Yes I did.
I mean, I’m going to.
It was a year ago, Madison.
You either donated the money, or you kept it.
Which is it?
I was going to send it!
I swear!
I’ve just been so busy and…
You had to buy yourself that new house…
And all those new cars you’ve been posting about.
Please just stop this.
I can get you money if that’s what you want.
I want my brother back!
Those words float in the air.
Madison is frozen stiff.
I watched your fundraiser last year.
I was thrilled by it.
My mom and I couldn’t afford my brother's operation.
But I knew that with your help, he’d be okay.
We waited weeks for those funds to come through.
My brother grew weaker by the day.
The money never came.
And my brother never left the hospital again.
Madison covers her face with her palm.
Look, I don’t know what to say.
I’m sorry.
I know that’s not enough for you but…
It isn’t about me or my family now.
It’s about the other families at Brookside Memorial.
They’re struggling to save their loved ones.
Now your money is finally going to give them a fighting chance.
Madison takes a long breath.
She’s furious, but she knows she’s in the wrong.
Fair is fair.
I was going to send the two million eventually, anyway.
I’m glad you’re finally feeling generous.
Because I didn’t send them two million.
Worry climbs across Madison’s face.
How much did you send them?
All of it.
Madison squeezes the phone.
That money is mine!!
Welcome back to zero.
Give it back now!
Madison tears the plush pillows off her bed and tosses them across the room.
You may think I’ve taken everything away from you.
But I actually just gave you a new life.
People love you, Madison.
Do something good with that.
Madison’s heart pounds.
Sweat pours out of her forehead…
And her eyes go wild.
Oh, and remember…
A good foundation is only as strong…
As the beautiful person underneath it.