The Devil Texts At Midnight - Part 1
by Eric Levin
Hello Sue.
Life can be quite rough, no?
what the lol who is this?
My dear, don’t you know?
of course Devil my bad haha
very funny Anne
I’m not Anne.
no one else had my phone
I go by many names.
Lord of Darkness.
Mr. Scratch.
haha my apologies mr. scratch sir
As I asked before, is not life rough?
oh very much so i polish wood with it
look can we talk later im busy
I’d know that, I’m your Devil.
but really, finishing apps
Indeed college is important, but does procrastination in front of the TV truly qualify?
ahaha you got me
but im seriously trying to work now
Yet you’ve left your essays in your bedroom.
alright really who is this?
I’ve already said.
fine ill just check contacts
Always you mortals disbelieve…
ok howd you do that?
666 is not even a number
I’d beg to differ.
Shall we get to business?
no you’re creeping me out, i want you to stop
I know what you really want, Sue.
People don’t notice you.
And why should they?
You’re perfectly plain and shy and suffering for it.
I can change this.
im not responding anymore do not text me again
Wait until you’ve seen your bedroom.
this is NOT funny you broke into my house?
what’s on my bed?
Don’t you recognize gold?
There’s more, Sue.
You fret about admissions, how about getting into every school you desire?
And acquiring any job thereafter.
you can do this?
And more.
what must I do?
On your desk, you’ll find my contract.
you want me to sign it?
Only if you wish to truly live.
“I hereby offer my soul to the Devil”?
Is this a problem?
well i mean…
Don’t over think, Sue.
It got us here to begin with.
and where are we?
The rut that is your life.
my life is fine
Then we wouldn’t be talking.
i think this is an elaborate joke and you’re really Anne
If I were she, would you sign?
prove you’re a Devil
THE Devil. And what of the gold?
you placed it there on my way home
But why?
as a joke
its probably not even real but from the dollar store
It is real.
im certain its not
Very well, I will prove it to you.
Put the gold in your pockets.
ok done
Now check them.
Did Anne make them disappear?
a trick like disappearing ink
Grasping at straws…
you claim power but show simple magic tricks
a real Devil would give undeniable proof
And this would be?
what you claim
making my finals As and having my admission essays accepted
I’ll pass your finals, but nothing more.
i knew it
The rest shall come when you’ve signed.
but i studied if i pass its by merit
What then?
something impossible
ive not applied yet, but you know where im looking?
Of course.
do you have the ability to get me admitted?
If I did that, we’d no need for a deal.
hmm again you wont do what you say you can
im not surprised
Here’s what I’ll do…
Apply to a school and I’ll see you admitted.
that’s not proof at all
i can get in by merit or god’s grace
a devil would admit me without application
THE Devil.
you keep saying that
im not buying it, srry
Have you no notion what I’m capable of?
empty promises?
Go to your door! A package will arrive.
im opening it
You will find acceptance letters to every Ivy League school in existence.
How does your god compare?
oh wow
you really are powerful
Finally you see.
Now are you ready to sign?
i need to sleep on it
thanks for the acceptance tho
i have ur number