Tough it Out - Episode 4
by Ava Conway
Lynn sneaks into a dark room.
She turns on the light to find Drake slumped over in a chair.
His arms and legs are tied.
He looks a thousand times worse than he did in the alley.
Drake, it’s me.
Drake opens his eyes and tries to smile.
That’s some boss you’ve got there.
Yeah, Jax didn’t get to his position by playing nice.
Lynn grimaces at the sight of his wounds as she moves closer.
They’re going to kill you, you know.
I know.
If you just tell them your gang’s rapture supplier…
I might be able to work something out.
Get you freed.
I think it’s a little late for that.
Lynn kneels at his side.
Are you kidding me right now?
You don’t have a real alliance to your gang.
Look, if you won’t tell them, tell me.
I would if I could.
You really don’t know, huh?
All I know is that the drug comes from someone our boss knew back in Honduras.
Did you tell the FBI this?
Of course. They did extensive background checks on my boss.
There were no leads.
He has relatives in Honduras, but they’re all clean.
I don’t understand.
Perhaps he has some friends—
No. He broke ties with his old crowd when he moved to L.A.
Says they were holding him back.
He has a girlfriend, though.
A girlfriend?
They call her Barbell. Apparently, she has a tongue piercing....
When did your boss tell you he had a girlfriend?
He didn’t.
He rarely talks about her at all.
Tries to keep her out of the messy stuff.
Their entire relationship is strange.
Strange, how?
He doesn’t care about her.
He has several mistresses, but he still considers this woman his most prized possession.
She must be providing him with some other type of service.
Exactly. I feel if I could just get close to her…
I can find out if she has some other role in all of this.
You’ve never seen her?
No, like I said, my boss keeps her hidden.
Says she’s great in a turf war, however.
I think his exact words were…
‘That bitch is as shrewd as a fox.’
Lynn blinks and jerks back in surprise.
A fox?
Yeah, can you believe he called his own girlfriend that?
Drake winces in pain.
He even bought them both fox rings.
Did you ever see the fox rings?
Not hers, but I see his all of the time.
Gaudy thing. These thugs have no taste.
A fox ring — like this one?
Where did you get that?
That’s gotta be it — it has the same emeralds that are in his ring.
Where did you get it?
A friend.
Drake tries to reach for it, but remembers his arms are tied.
Give it to me. If they know you have it—
Lynn pulls her hand away.
Drake slumps back into the seat.
God, you’re a mess.
He’ll kill you, Lynn.
My boss — the man is psychotic.
Let me worry about him.
I need to protect you.
Stop worrying about me.
You need to worry about yourself for a change.
We need to get you out of here.
Drake chuckles, then closes his eyes as fresh pain washes over his features.
Some savior I turned out to be, eh?
Tears sting Lynn’s face as she unties him.
You’re such an idiot.
Drake opens his eyes.
What are you doing?
Getting you the hell out of here.
Drake tries to stop Lynn from rescuing him.
Don’t be stupid. If you save me, you’ll probably expose yourself.
No one knows I’m down here.
I’ll make it look like you escaped on your own.
Now shut up and hold onto me. They’ll be back any minute…
The door opens.
Foxy steps into the room.
Several people pour inside the small space behind Foxy.
Jax is the last person to walk in.
The heavily tattooed man stops short and frowns at the scene before him.
What the fuck is going on here?