Trevor and the Virgin - Episode 1
by Kayla Parent
There’s a rumor going around…
That Trevor Holt has the biggest “you-know-what” in school.
And here he is standing outside my dorm room…naked.
What is wrong with you?!
Get out of the way!
Hurry up!
I gape at him as he pushes past me into my room.
I get a full view of his butt as he scrambles to the floor and underneath my bed.
I’ll explain later.
Just don’t tell her I’m in here!
Tell who??
As if on cue, a female voice calls his name from down the hall.
Trevor’s worried face peeks out.
There’s red lipstick smudged around his mouth.
I’m desperate…umm…what’s your name again?
I roll my eyes.
We’ve only had three classes together.
Please, Martha.
She’s gone crazy!
SHE’S gone crazy?!
You’re the one who—
Look, I’ll owe you one.
Get rid of her for me…
And I’ll do anything.
I pause, considering this.
Trevor is friends with Drew, my longtime crush.
Maybe this is my chance.
Oh, what the heck.
Fine — but tuck in your stupid feet!
He mouths ‘thank you’ and his face disappears again under my bed.
And it’s not a moment too soon, as an angry Tilla James suddenly appears in my doorway.
She’s wearing her signature red lipstick…
The same color I just saw around Trevor’s mouth.
Where is he?!
Where is who?
Trevor Holt.
I just saw him run down this hallway.
Trevor Holt?
I tap my chin and pretend to be thinking.
Sorry, I don’t know anyone by that name.
She gives me the once over.
You’re lying.
Everyone knows who Trevor is.
Even you, her eyes are saying.
Just then, a stifled laugh sounds from under the bed.
Tilla peers over my shoulder.
I try to block her view.
I told you.
I haven’t seen him.
She doesn’t look convinced, so I think fast.
By the way…
You’ve got lipstick all over your chin.
Her hand flies to her mouth.
She glares once more over my shoulder, but finally walks away toward the dorm entrance.
I breathe a sigh of relief and shut the door.
My relief is short-lived.
What are these?!
A grinning Trevor crawls out from under my bed.
He’s holding up a pair of my underwear.
Granny panties?!
Mortified, I run over and snatch them out of his hands.
Trevor stares down in shock at my bed where I had been folding laundry.
Specifically…my underwear.
How many of those boner-killers do you own?!
It’s none of your business!
I shove the rest of them under my blankets.
Then I throw a towel at him without meeting his eyes.
And for god’s sake, cover yourself up, will you?!
Trevor wraps the towel around his waist, still grinning.
Anyway, thanks for getting rid of her.
She’s become a bit of a problem.
Still defensive over the underwear, I snap at him.
Why? Did she ask you for something like honesty?
Or was it exclusivity she was after?
Or I know! Something realllyyy scary like commitment.
His grin fades.
She’s my buddy’s ex-girlfriend.
I’m not interested in her in that way.
But she won’t get the hint.
She just cornered me in the shower.
Now I feel dumb.
I’m about to apologize, but Trevor is suddenly smiling again.
I notice a small dimple by his lip.
So what will it be?
I said I owe you one and I’m a man of my word.
My stomach instantly fills with butterflies.
Will I actually be able to tell him about Drew?
He’ll probably just laugh at me.
I stall, walking over to the turtleneck sweater dress I have hanging up.
Well…as you know, the end-of-the-year parties are tonight.
I do know that.
He looks over at my dress.
And please, tell me you’re not wearing that.
Offended, my eyes cut to his.
Excuse me?
He holds up his hands in surrender.
Ok sorry, sorry.
Go on.
I sigh with frustration.
So, this is my last chance to tell a guy I really like how I feel.
He graduates this year.
Uh huh.
And what do you want me to do?
Give you advice or something?
I gather my courage.
This is your last chance, Martha!
Just go for it!
Not exactly advice but…
It’d be great if you could put in a good word for me.
That gets his attention.
Why would he care about what I have to say?
Because you guys are on the football team together.
His eyebrows shoot up in surprise.
So you want to tell one of the football players that you like him?
And you’re planning to wear THAT?
To my horror, he laughs.
Come on Martha, you seem smarter than that.
Those guys only go for one type of girl.
He gestures to the dress.
Girls that don’t dress like nuns for starters.
His words make my stomach sink.
I can feel my cheeks flooding with color.
Trusting him is the stupidest thing I’ve ever done.
I hang the dress back up angrily.
Get out of my room, Trevor.
Let’s just forget this whole thing.
I turn away so he won’t see how much his words have bothered me.
I hear him blow out a breath.
Look, I didn’t mean to insult you.
I’m an idiot and have a habit of saying things the wrong way.
I just meant that that dress doesn’t really…play up your assets.
I don’t reveal that my mom told me the exact same thing the other day.
I look at the dress and frown.
Maybe they both have a point.
Tell me who it is.
I’ll help you.
I promise.
I don’t want to tell him.
But maybe if he tells me I have no chance with Drew…
I can finally get over this asinine crush.
I take a deep breath and meet his eyes.
It’s Drew Longhorn.
To my surprise, Trevor looks disappointed.
Why him?
We were lab partners in chemistry my freshman year.
We haven’t talked much since then but…
We worked together really well.
He was nice to me.
Trevor scrutinizes me but doesn’t say anything.
You want to get Drew’s attention?
We’ll get his attention.
My heart starts beating fast.
Because if you’re messing with me—
You need to trust me.
I cross my arms, a little wary, but I nod.
First…you show up to the parties with me.
Everyone will notice you if you’re on my arm.
I resist the urge to gag over his supreme egotism.
SECOND, we need to go shopping.
Because I’m sorry, but you’re not wearing that.
He leads me out into the hallway and up to his room on the second floor.
He’s still wearing my towel and nothing else.
I stand in his doorway and watch him pull a box from his closet.
It’s a box of women’s clothing.
Where did you get all those?
I call it my “one-night-stand” box.
Now take your pick.