Waiting For You
by Richard Beckham II
Mom, can you come and get me?
Are you still at Erica's?
No, I'm walking home.
I told you not to walk home from there. It's dangerous!
That's why I need a ride.
I just started making dinner.
Can it wait? I'm getting scared.
Where are you?
I don't know. I took a wrong turn.
Is anyone around?
Are there street lights?
I don't see any.
Okay. Hang tight. I'm on my way.
Two minutes later.
I found some street lights
There's a bank and an ATM.
Okay, good. Stay there. Where is it?
I can't see the sign. Hold on.
It’s the Park City Bank.
How did you end up in Park City?!
I don’t know! I was walking for a while before I texted you.
Hold on. Let me pull over and figure out the fastest way to get to you.
Two minutes later.
Okay. Looks like there’s just one Park City Bank.
I’m heading over there now.
Can you hurry? I'm scared.
Do you still have that Mace in your purse?
Good. Take it out and have it ready. I'll be there soon.
I think there’s somebody watching me.
Just stay in the lights.
What if they come over here?
Find a wall so they can't sneak up behind you.
Mom, you need to hurry!
I'll be there soon.
Five minutes later.
I'm here now.
Where are you?
I'm hiding by the ATM.
Honey, I want you to run to the car right now.
I don’t think anyone else is here.
But in case someone is, I should stay in the car.
Why aren’t you running to the car?
I don't see your car.
I'm right here waiting. Can't you see me?
No. Can you come over here?
By the ATM.
I dropped something.
Can you help me look for it?
What did you lose?
My wallet.
How did you lose your wallet?
I don’t know.
Do you still think someone is there?
No. But now I need to find my wallet.
Can you come over here?
Amber’s Mom gets out of her car and slowly starts walking toward the ATM.
I can’t find you.
Can’t you hear me calling?
Where are you?
By the ATM, like I said.
I’m right next to the ATM and I don’t see you! Wait–
Did you hear that?
Hear what?
I think I just heard somebody talking…
Did you hear it?
It was definitely a voice.
What did it sound like?
It sounded like a man talking.
I didn't hear anything.
There, I just heard him again.
I don't hear anything.
Now I see a van!
Just behind the hedges.
I don’t see a van.
Well I do. Come on and let's go!
Amber’s mom dashes back to her car and quickly locks herself inside.
We'll get your wallet tomorrow.
I think I found it.
Good. Now come on!
I see something moving in the hedges! Is that you?
Amber’s mom gets out of the car, thinking she sees her daughter.
Amber! Come here NOW!!!!!
Oh my god.
The figure from the bushes is not Amber.
It’s a man wearing a ski mask.
And he’s carrying Amber’s phone.
He runs toward Amber’s mom and grabs her.
Then he pushes her toward the ATM.
Another man emerges with a gun and points it at her.
The first man speaks to Amber’s mom.
Now give me your bank card and tell me your code.
And you’d better have more money in your account than your daughter did.
Where is my daughter?!
Just then, two police officers leap over the wall and grab the two men.
A squad car pulls up, and two other officers force the men, now in handcuffs, into the back seat.
Amber’s mom addresses the officers.
My daughter! You need to find my daughter!!
There’s a van over there, behind the hedges!
The officers run over to the van, break into it and find Amber tied up and gagged.
After they untie her, she runs to her mother, and they embrace.
Mom, he took my phone after I got here!
I know that now.
He was pretending to be you.
It’s a good thing the surveillance cameras at the bank picked up suspicious activity.
We’ve been trying to catch these guys for a long time.
Their victims don’t usually end up alive.
You were both very, very lucky.