Weekend Getaway
by Alix Sobler
Marcy, you forgot your umbrella.
What? Sorry, I didn’t hear my phone beep. Lisa was blasting the music.
You’re not texting while your driving are you?
No, Lisa is driving right now. We switched half way.
You forgot your umbrella.
It’s fine mom. I have a rain poncho.
I don’t understand why you had to go camping when they were predicting such bad weather.
It’s not going to be that bad. Just a little rain.
And fog.
Fine. And fog.
Well, that sounds bad enough.
I stare at a computer screen writing code and dealing with technology all week long. I wanted to get away.
I NEEDED to get away.
Please be careful.
Mom, I’m always careful. And I’m 25 years old. Cut the cord.
You’re still my baby.
OK, ha ha. Talk to you later.
Will you check in with me tonight?
Do I have to?
Only if you want somewhere to go on Thanksgiving and Christmas for the rest of your life.
Fine, I should have decent cell service at the campsite. But let’s keep it simple? I am trying to avoid screen time.
OK, talk to you later.
later that day
Marcy, where are you?
I’m lying in my tent, really wishing I had picked a nicer weekend to go camping.
Please, spare me the I told you so lecture.
Marcy, have you seen the news or anything?
No. I’m camping, remember? Trying to get away from it all. Although you’re not making it easy.
Listen to me, there has been an escape at the maximum security prison in Springfield.
WHAT?! That’s like 20 minutes from here.
Two men, convicted murderers.
Oh my god.
I think you and Lisa should get back in the car and come home.
I can’t go out there, it’s pouring!
I’ll call her phone.
No I’ll go check.
Mom, oh my god.
Lisa is not in her tent.
What? Where is she?
I have no idea but I just came over here and the tent is empty. Her phone is here.
When was the last time you saw her?
A couple of hours ago?
We went to our tents to take naps, I only woke up when you texted me.
Oh my god. Get in the car and get out of there.
What? I can’t leave Lisa!
We’ll send someone back for her.
She probably just went to the bathroom. Let me check the camp grounds.
Marcy don’t walk around out there! The sheriff is saying the men are armed and dangerous.
I am just going to check the stalls. God it’s pouring!
Be careful.
She’s not in the bathroom.
Ok, now you have to leave.
Mom. Lisa has the keys.
What? Why?
We were taking turns driving. I guess she just had them in her pocket.
What are the police going to do?
They will figure out where you are and come and get you.
I don’t know! Helicopters!
They can’t fly a helicopter this deep into the woods. Especially not in this weather!
Well then they’ll send someone in an off-road vehicle.
Mom, what to do I do? I’m scared.
Get into your tent and close it up.
OK, i’m back in the tent.
Can you hear anything outside?
Just wind and thunder. Oh man, why did I pick this weekend to go camping?!
Stay calm. I have the sheriff on the landline.
What is he saying?
They think the men were heading for the park.
We saw two guys on the way in.
At the south entrance. They were wearing weird jumpsuits but we thought they were park workers.
OK, stay calm.
Mom, what if that was them?
Just stay in the tent.
What else do they know?
Just that they must have had help. Someone must have helped them break out of jail.
Why would anyone do that?
I don’t know, people are crazy!
Have you told the sheriff? Have you told him where I am?
Yes. They are trying to triangulate your location but there is interference, probably the storm.
Did you tell them I am at the south end of the park?
To come and get me near the South end where the Pine Needles camp grounds are.
Yes, I told them.
Because this is a huge park, if they can’t get my exact location, they could go for hours in the wrong direction.
I told them where you are, just stay put.
Oh my god there is someone outside.
I can see a shadow. I can see a shadow outside my tent.
Marcy run!
I have nowhere to run to, they’re right out there!
Do you have anything to fight them with?
It’s ok, it was just Lisa.
Oh my god.
We’re OK.
Oh my god you gave me a heart attack. just stay there. Stay where you are.
We’re staying put.
an hour later
Marcy, Lisa just showed up at the front door.
What is going on? She said you never came to pick her up.
The sheriff is on the phone. Where are you?
What do you mean?
He said your tent is set up but there is no one there. No car, nothing.
Wow, he got there faster then I thought he would.
He got there? Where? What does that mean?
I’m really sorry mom.
Sorry? Sorry about what?
I really needed to get away. So I did. And please be happy for me. I’m in love.
What? Marcy what are you talking about?
Everything OK babe?
Oh yeah, they are looking for us on the South end. I’m parked at the Northern tip.
Ok, we’re just going to ditch this burner cell and I’ll see you in five.
Make sure you smash it good. I’ll buy you a new one in Mexico. <3