The Replacement Princess - 1/1
by Ansela Corsino
Snow, where are you? I've left you three voicemail messages.
What do u want Betty?
I wish you'd call me Mother. I didn't see you at lunch. Where are you?
Ur NOT my mother.
And ur so controlling, God. Leave me alone.
I'm just concerned, dear. It's nearly dark. You're not out in the woods, are you?
Snow? Answer me, please.
I'm calling you now.
Fifteen minutes later...
Peter, I need you to do something for me.
Yes, your Highness.
The princess is out again god knows where. She's not answering my calls.
Please find her and bring her home. I'm very worried.
Of course, Your Highness. Right away.
She may not be too willing to go with you. Please do whatever is necessary for her to comply.
I will do so immediately.
An hour later ...
Snow, where are you? Please call me back.
Why did you run away? I sent Peter to fetch you and bring you back home.
He said you attacked him and ran away.