Do-Over - Episode 1
by Chris Marie Green
Hi! I’m Cheryl. I won a date with you in the charity auction last night?
Hey, Cheryl! Thanks for helping the animal shelter with this fundraiser.
Listen, I should let you in on a little secret…
I’ve never done this before.
What? Been on a date?
I’ve never PAID for a guy’s company.
Omg! That’s not what I meant to say, either…
It’s okay. I know what you mean.
This is your first time bidding on a date.
And don’t worry, I feel strange about it, too.
I don’t usually get auctioned off like this 🙃
My friends usually have to fix me up.
I would think that a rich guy would have women knocking down his door!
Dave slumps back in his chair at his home-office desk.
It sure didn’t take Cheryl long to mention the fortune he made from developing a music app.
Sometimes he misses the days when he was anonymous.
Back then, he didn’t have to wonder if a woman liked him just for the money.