Good Bad Boys - Episode 1
by Chris Marie Green
I’m dreading having to face Bad-News-Todd.
He and Trish did NOT end well…
And now I’m in the middle of it.
I knock on his dorm room door again—
Adjusting my hold on the box filled with his belongings.
But when the door opens…it’s not Bad-News-Todd at all.
Can I help you?
My mouth goes dry.
The stranger’s brown hair is damp and carefree.
He’s wearing faded jeans…and no shirt.
I’ve got a delicious view of tanned skin and washboard abs.
Hi. Is Todd around?
I try really hard to keep my eyes on this guy’s gorgeous face.
Sorry. Todd’s out for the day…
But I’m his roommate. Can I help you?
YES, YOU CAN! I want to shout.
Instead, I smile politely.
I’m here to drop off the stuff Todd left in his ex’s dorm room.
In return, he was supposed to give me Trish’s stuff…
I’m basically their go-between.