I Love to Hate You - Episode 1
by Chris Marie Green
UGH. You won’t believe who just showed up at the beach house!!
Josh Franklin 🙄🙄🙄
And don’t tell me that this isn’t a big deal…
Because it IS!
Our friends pooled money to rent this place for a reason—
We were supposed to spend one last, special summer together before going off to college.
But now this jerk is going to ruin our good time!!
Who even invited him?
Could you chill out for a second, Ash?
We are still going to have an amazing summer. I promise.
Maybe you should just give Josh a chance, okay?
He’s actually a cool guy.
Um…he’s a cocky baseball jock, Manny.
And, for 4 years, he teased me about being the class brain.
But at least I HAVE one of those!
Hmm…you might want to ask yourself something right now…
Are you blushing?