Let's Get Physical - Episode 1
by Chris Marie Green
I came up with the BEST idea 💡
For what?
For winning over that cute guy who comes into the record shop!
🎉 Are you going to ask him out?
Hah! You know I’m allergic to rejection.
Why would he reject you?
He always stops by to chat whenever you’re working!
I sense some keen interest there 🕵️‍♀️
I’m not sure about that…
For all I know, he’s just someone who enjoys talking about old music…
And pop culture…
And politics…😍
But he’s never made a move on me.
So he needs a nudge to see that I’m the perfect girl for him.
What do you have in mind?
Well, last night, Micah mentioned that he’s into long-distance running.
He’s even doing a 5k today.
So I got to thinking…
If I showed up at the race, he might see that I’m totally his type!