Music Box - Episode 1
by Chris Marie Green
Glen nervously knocks on the door to a mansion.
When a beautiful girl answers…
Glen shoves his hands into the pockets of his threadbare jeans.
Hi, Maya. I’m Glen.
You might not remember me—
But we had American Lit class together last semester.
Maya’s brown eyes sparkle.
Her smile is bright.
And Glen can’t help it—
His heart starts pounding like crazy in his chest.
Yes, I remember you!
You were always reading, even in the middle of lecture.
Glen cheers silently.
She remembers him!
But his celebration is cut short as reality quickly sets in.
A girl like Maya would never be interested in a guy like him.
Besides, he’s here for another reason.
I’m doing someone a favor…
My great uncle, Isaac. He was the caretaker on this estate about 60 years ago.
When he moved, he hid something in the floorboards in his old cottage.