Summer Surprise - Episode 1
by Chris Marie Green
OMG — my summer job just turned into a nightmare!!
🙄 Yeah, working as a pool attendant with those all hot lifeguards must be AWFUL!
Ugh, that’s exactly the problem.
What? How is eye candy a problem?
Well…remember the “End of School” party last week?
How could I forget?
It was the night of your first kiss!
😱 Your cute first kiss is a lifeguard there?!
No — my AWKWARD first kiss is a lifeguard here 😩
But I thought he was only in town to visit his cousin?
I thought so, too.
And after that kiss, I was hoping I’d never see him again.
But here he is, at the other end of the swimming pool.
It’s okay, maybe we can fix the situation with…
Wait, what was his name again?
Okay, how terrible are we really talking?
What did Justin do?
No — it was my fault.