The New Guy - Episode 1
by Chris Marie Green
There’s a note on my door.
Hi, Hazel,
A package of yours was delivered to my place.
Stop by whenever you want to grab it.
Felix, the new guy in 21B.
The new guy in 21B??
My pulse quickens as I go inside and text my roommate Susana.
I know you’re working, but I had to tell you ASAP.
I got a note from the new guy in 21B!
The mystery man who just moved in?
Yup 😮
His name is Felix.
A package of mine was delivered to his apartment.
OMG, everyone is dying to know about him!
This is very exciting Miss Hazel 😏
Maybe you can even write an article about meeting enigmatic men who live in the same building 🤩
I haven’t been able to come up with ANY ideas for the singleton lifestyles e-magazine I work for…
I was starting to think there’s nothing new to say about being a single girl in the city.
But maybe this is the idea I’ve been looking for!